Marvin Steinberg, a successful entrepreneur to revolutionize Germany energy industry

Marvin Steinberg, a successful entrepreneur to revolutionize Germany energy industry
Marvin Steinberg is a founder of MyICO, the leading ICO agency in Europe. Why you find these “rags to riches” stories so much? It can revive the feeling of hope for those who've surrendered? Do they offer social confirmation that it's as yet conceivable to become a self-made millionaire? Or just they serve as great entertainment?

Marvin Steinberg’s story is a great example case of how life can regularly be a rollercoaster of good and bad times, where all they have to stand against them to succeed in life. Most business visionaries accept that building a successful company always requires a lot of time, trial & error, and hustle.

Marvin comes from a sports background with a bombastic vision. At an early age, he was a successful Ping Pong Athlete but a serious injury on knee abruptly ended his promising sports career. But it wasn’t the end of success for him, as life has some other plans for him. Marvin made his name as a successful entrepreneur who revolutionized the entire energy industry in Germany.

Beginning of Online marketing & role of Marvin Steinberg

Due to a serious knee injury at the age of 16, shattered all his dreams of a promising profession was unexpectedly in front of his eyes. After a brief time of self-assimilation, Marvin discovered Joseph Murphy's book "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind," and the book gave him a new hope with a bolder vision to live life on his own terms and control while offering back to society.
It leads to the start of another career path in 2007 for Marvin, making it in the energy sector which lacks in digital strategies for marketing & sales at the time. He was the first to start using online marketing strategies in an offline industry. At those days promotional strategies were largely outdated but Marvin found that making use of PPC advertising, affiliate marketing, and SEO leads to enhance company growth as well as revenue. It was a totally game-changing point for Marvin & his career.
Due to his persistent desire to innovate, Marvin quickly found an awesome chance to help the viability of his work, by utilizing the online strategies in an overwhelmingly offline industry. Fortunately, it worked out, his superiors also likewise grasped this thought and Marvin started climbing the positions at an ever-increasing speed.

Key to Marvin Success

The key to success of entrepreneur Marvin Steinberg was that he assembled an “affiliate army” numbering thousands of salespeople, who moved door to door, cold calling, cold emailing and hustling. Steinberg's salesforce turns into a successful group resulting in 5000 new agreements each and every month, and millions of dollars of additional benefit.
A few years later, Steinberg started his own distribution company named “db swpro,” and furthermore become a part of the energy supplier “db swdirekt.” The company quickly grew and gained a steady profit, and involved over 25,000 people at peak.

Revolutionizing key industries

At a young age, Marvin Steinberg’s entire framework became self-sustaining, and he sold out the company to an American multinational, making a profoundly successful exit.
But it wasn’t the end of the journey of Marvin Steinberg.
Marvin soon entered the new industry, white-label blockchain solutions. He helped to established CPI Technologies, one of the world’s leading Security Token Offerings (STO), assisting various companies to run their own successful STOs, worth millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

CPI Tech Services

 The Exchange Platform Itself
• STO Advisory Services
 Token Sale Dashboard
 Venture Tokenization
 Project Image Cultivation
 Full Legal Support
 Sales & Payment Systems
 Full-Stack Marketing
 Fully Scalable Software
Marvin Steinberg is now commanding the STO sector with technical wizard Maximilian Schmidt. He believes that STOs are the future as they are directed contributions that guarantee ensure protection rights for investors and assist a huge number of founders and investors seek a safer way of token offerings.
Innovation never stops!
Once Steve Job said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backward”. Marvin’s story is indeed a classic outline of that!
There is no end to innovation; you never know where it appears next. The only certainty is that ambitious new startups hold the key. And same is with Marvin, after more than a decade of successful entrepreneurship is now busy in supporting a new generation of companies with promising potential. 

In fact, he spends a great deal of time and energy assisting them and also mentoring the founders in key aspects like business strategy, marketing, sales, and rapid growth mindset.
Startups love working with Steinberg because of his unique experience, personal involvement and willingness to share thoughts freely.  Winning business strategy, mentoring, and effective growth hacking, all these combinations of Marvin makes him as effective as an entrepreneur.

Obviously, he can’t work with everyone, but he tries to find up for new startups with an earlier prepared concept for those who are ready to scale up to the next level. Marvin runs a number of shopping sites along with helping newcomers to the industry with best advice to grow their business.

Marvin has settled a platform, for vital partnerships with new businesses. Quite a bit of Marvin's strategy is accessible for the public eye at multiple sites. Enabling a high level of transparency for young entrepreneurs, who truly associate their projects as their babies, can perceive the genuineness of the work and experience Marvin shares, derived from the life journey he has had.

This man, an entrepreneur who has helped so many companies across globe to scale-up, build their brand, and improve their securing system now hopes to offer services once solely open to significant enterprises from costly global consultancies to any startup led by an entrepreneur with the same degree of business visionary as that held by the ambition young man Marvin Steinberg who is always eager to go miles for sake of establishing a life of achievements.